Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Diet, How I lost 30 pounds

Over the last 6 months I have managed to lose 30 pounds just over two stone by sticking to my exercise regime and changing my diet.
I have struggled throughout my adult life with binge eating. I will eat to the point of feeling sick. Not all the time but I have a tendency to go of track and put on weight quickly.

I have been on a sort of low carb diet for 6 months and I have felt good on the diet and do not feel the need to over eat. I do eat carbs mostly rice and sweet potato before a workout but I have cut down on carbohydrates considerably. Before my staple diet consisted of cereal, bread, biscuits, cake, potatoes chips and crisps etc.
I would estimate that my carb intake has gone from about 80% to about 15%. I do not crave breads or biscuits anymore. Before I would eat an entire pack of biscuits in one go.

A typical day would be

Breakfast:  3 or 4 Scrambled eggs with a noggin of butter and cheese

Lunch:  Chicken breast and a salad

Snack: If I'm working out I have a rice dish or a sweat potato with butter or cheese

Diner: Steak and a Salad

I snack on nuts, cheese, chicken wings, Dark chocolate, yogurt

I eat dark chocolate, I eat 70 percent cocoa chocolate and it very good for you. It apparently helps to release serotonin and is anti inflammatory for the brain.(I don't know what that means either) I sometimes dissolve a bar in my coffee to make a tasty mocha. This type of chocolate takes a bit of getting used to as its on the bitter side but you our not likely to binge on it.

I don't eat any sugar and have got used to coffee this way. I eat plenty of butter and fat.Many people will frown on this but I find it nourishing and tasty. I eat a lot of cheese, nuts and meat. I keep the diet interesting by using different spices and spice blends on the meat.

I am not strict with my diet. I will occasionally buy a McDonald's or a sandwich on the weekend and I usually will have a cheat meal once a week. I find the diet easy to stick to and I don't tend to over eat which has been a weakness of mine.

Positive thinking videos Brent Smith

I have been on youtube each morning watching some inspiring videos. This helps with my mindset and sets me up for the day. My favourite at the moment is a guy called brent smith. He is so full of energy and exitment, its infectious. You cant help but feel inspired by him.He has posted over 300 videos on a range of topics.
His ideas are based on what he terms inner work. He uses positive affirmations and the usual stuff but he puts it into a story about his life. Rather then repeating an affirmation he recomends  imaganing or visulising yourself being the way you want to be. So you create a story of the life you want or the way you want to be and live through the story in your mind. I like this idea as you are feeling the affirmations rather then just saying them

Monday, 29 July 2013

Doubling to a million

I thought I would share with you a money making strategy I first heard about a couple of years ago. It can be quite inspiring and may give you some ideas.

The original idea was to start with a single penny or a cent. You then try to double your money. You repeat this process until you hit 1 million pounds,dollars, euro etc. It is quite surprising how quickly you get to a million. I personally decided to start at £1 to make the challenge less fiddly. You can see the chart below.

Step 1        £1- £2
Step 2        £2-£4
Step 3        £4-£8
Step 4        £8-£16
Step 5        £16-£32
Step 6        £32-£64
Step 7        £64-£125
Step 8        £125-£250
Step 9        £250-£500
Step 10      £500-£1000
Step 11      £1000-£2000
Step 12      £2000-£4000
Step 13      £4000-£8000
Step 14      £8000-£16000
Step 15      £16000-£32000
Step 16      £32000-£64000
Step 17      £64000-£125000                        Have rounded some figures down for simplification
Step 18      £125000-£250000
Step 19      £250000-£500000
Step 20      £500000- £1 million

As you can see from the chart once you have completed each step you would be left with £1 million pounds.

The main criticism with this is that once you get to larger figures (eg £125000) that it would be very difficult to double it again. I don't agree with this attitude. The way I look at it is that it may take a lot longer to double your money but you will have many more options open to you and much more buying power. You would have the ability to set up or buy a business if you desired or invest in land or property. It may take time but you might find yourself with a passive income from one of your ventures well before you make a million.
You can start out by buying things from a car boot or fare and selling on eBay for a profit. Later you can buy larger items or even import goods to resell. The interesting thing about this is that you will think of ideas for each step that you wouldn't normally consider.
I think this is a good opportunity to stumble upon a second income and even find a change of career.

I wont try to come across as to much of an expert as I'm still only on stage 5 and am sadly not a millionaire, but I will keep you up to date with my progress.

Paul mckenna change your life in seven days Intro

This is a popular self help book which is designed to re program the mind into a more positive state. People have reported huge changes in their lives by using the methods in the book.

Audio track

My favourite thing about this programme is the audio track that comes with it. You listen to the track when you can relax and you enter a sort of trance state. When you are totally relaxed you are given positive messages and when the track is finished you will feel better and be more active. Its lasts about half an hour. I will be listening to the track early in the morning, This avoids day to day distractions and also seems less of a chore then doing it later on in the day. Its almost like being asleep when your listening to the track and you feel refreshed afterwards.

The book goes into the science behind the program and why we think negatively and do the things we do. It then shows you how to change the negative thinking patterns into positive ones.

In each chapter you are taken through an exercise which related to the chapter. These are generally visualisation exercise. For example you think back and remember moments of success or happiness in your life. You imagine your self back in this moment. You feel how great you felt and you imagine these feeling in the future.
He goes into much more detail then this but you get the picture.  All the exercises help to make you feel more creative and productive.

He talks about setting goals, managing stress and your emotions. The book is very reasonably priced and you really have nothing to lose from giving it a go if you can keep an open mind about the process.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

About this blog

This blog is set up to document my journey into positive thinking and what effect it will have on my life. I am writing this to keep my motivation up by holding myself accountable and keeping track of my successes.

I will follow Paul Mckennas plan from his book Change your life in seven days. I will be following this plan for 30 days and will keep an update on how I feel and any changes I notice in my life.

I have tried the programme before although on and off and for a week or so. I found everything in it helpful. I felt noticeably better when I was doing the exercises and listening to the track. My problem like most things in my life is sticking to it. I believe in the program but need to stick at it to reap the benefits. Although the book states change your life in seven days I think the seven days is more to set the wheels in motion. I no if I can stick at this I will see the results I desire.

I will be seeking out other positive thinking books, videos etc which I will share with you.

My blog will also have posts on various subjects which I find interesting and aspects of my life that I hope to change. the topics below are all areas I hope to change and will use these to check my progress.

Fitness and diet
I have always like to keep fit, My problem is consistency. I train hard for a week or two then give up and binge on junk food. I used to box as an amateur but have not competed in four years. My biggest goal is to compete again. I tend to gain 15 or 20 pounds of weight when I go of track taking me months to lose the weight. I am down to a good weight and just need to maintain myself.

Money and Business
I will be trying to improve my finances and my business. I run a woodwork company and really want to get this off the ground. I have been in a rut for some time with this. I will post about my progress and any other income making topics.

Friends family and social life.
I have moved to a new city and really don't have a social life. In fact since leaving school I haven't made much of an effort if I'm honest and I don't have many close friends, I regret this and hope to see a big change i this area. I don't have any spare income at this point which makes things more challenging. I will be posting on things I learn on these issues.

Education self improvement
I would love to learn a new language improve my maths learn to drive. I want to travel and see places. I'm particularly interested in Italy and Greece as I like history and archaeology.